Soul by Sisters- A Perfect Collection of Silver Jewelry

“You can rarely go wrong with silver”. Geetashri, in 2017decided to pursue her passion and give the world a taste of silver jewelry that imbibes in itself the essence of Indian heritage, art and culture. Since then, Soul by Sisters (SBS) has succeeded in capturing the soul of traditional Indian jewelry. SBS pieces aremodern, fashionable silver jewelry that not only appeals to themodern divas but also speaks volumes about the heritage that they represent.

The name, Soul by Sisters is an apt representation of Geetashri’s journey into exploring the world of jewelry, where she met a lot of people. These people, who turned out to be much more than just customers and acquaintances are the ‘soul sisters’ from whom she learnt and evolved herself and her jewelry, hence the name ‘Soul by Sisters‘, a brand that has an essence of souls from multiple people across the globe.

The land of India, the seventh largest country in the world, is very diverse. With so many different ethnicities and geographical divisions, the country finds itself amidst a very diverse cultural system that sees a huge cultural shift when one travels from one place to another. This cultural dynamism has resulted in a multitude of traditional jewelry making practices and distinct heritage designs taking birth in India, which have been amazingly curated and showcased in the jewelry pieces of Soul by Sisters. Their collection features jewelries from different parts of India, making it truly must-have collectibles. 

Soul by Sisters adds customer preferences and wearable creativity that will enhance the vanity of the wearer. Each jewelry piece is intricately designed to have its own style, such that it brings out the distinct art form of its region and brings about a sublime regal accent to the wearer. Soul by Sisters celebrates the womanhood, each woman to her own by serving up pieces that are an embodiment of her free yet bound spirit, tradition, and modernity all alongside.

As a brand, Soul by Sisters aspires to create its own mark not only in the traditional ethic section, which involves traditional Indian dresses, thick kajal and classic silver jewelry, but also in modern, contemporary fashion that keeps the dynamism alive in the jewelry industry. Soul by Sisters is not driven by an individual’s desire and personality, but by mutual trust among the ‘Silver Sisters Tribe’, the ones who are both young and old, traditional yet rebellious. With time, Soul by Sisters hopes to grow and create its mark in the jewelry industry.

Dilli Ki Ladkiyan Team

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