Swati Modo- A Rule Breaker in Shoe designing industry

“Full of life, unconventional and obviously, a die hard shoe lover” is what define Swati Mehrotra, a.k.a., Swati Modo, as most famously known in the shoe market. With all her creativity and passion, her label has been in the customised shoe making business for great four years, marking her name in the footwear world. From a shoe making academy for  Tihar Jail inmates to earning appreciation in the Cannes Festival, Swati Modo is a rule breaker and a firm believer of spirituality. She started her career working with the A list Designers from WIFW in 2009 and also got the #100 women award from the President of India. 
Excerpts from the interview…

You have designed such varieties of shoes, where do you get inspiration from? I get inspired by people and places i visit or cross my path.each interaction is so inspiring 🙂  What is most remember-able moment of your career up till now?

Meeting president of India and getting applauds for my work has been most memorable moment till date.

  Would you like to share with us the initial struggle while setting up your own label?

I guess there is nothing called as struggle in life its all learning  and I always say “we learn everyday every moment”

 Being in the men dominated arena, you have marked your name with such tremendous growth,do you feel powerful as a woman? 

I work and firmly believe in equality my growth has made me stronger human and I believe once you step out to work men and women both are equal and both enjoy equal power after tasting success :):) 

 What is your favourite style of a shoe?

Pumps I totalllly adore them….. 

 You have been involved in social causes also, what motivates you to help the society?

I always have rebellious thoughts :p I guess those thoughts gave birth to new ideas and ways to ideas like Walk India or going Tihar ways to teach the Art of shoe making or giving away shoes to bring smiles to working with acid attack survivors. 

 You have been living in Delhi, what do you think how much Dilli ki ladkiyan is passionate about the ‘right’ footwear?

I guess footwear needs to be considered as fashion statement in Delhi i witness so many shoe No No’s everyday like wearing heel even if one cant walk to wearing slippers to parties with socks  

 Did you ever have a “ARRE YE TOH DILLI KI LADKI HAI” moment? 

lolx yes you go towards UP and what you wear makes people pass the comment as if we have some unique crown on head and for them “never trust a Delhi girl”rule applies 


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